Good-2-Go Oregon ILS & Employment Programs are operating under the following structure:

  • Indirect Services - Phone, video calls
  • On-Behalf of - Services can be done withot themember present, such as picking up groceries
  • Direct Services - Direct services are only available with program director's approval.


These are live Google documents, with the most recent information being updated in real time by everyone who has access to the documents.

Deschutes County

​Crook/Jefferson County

ACE:    All events cancelled through May 31, 2020

EMPLOYMENT: Many of our members are not currently working due to closures by their employers.  Supports are still being provided for those who are still working. We are currently at 40% capacity in Employment Dept.

INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICES (1:1) - Is experiencing 75% reduction in services.

We are continuing to provide supports for as long as feasibly possible.

We are Good-2-Go . . . . Are you?



Good-2-Go Oregon provides Life Skills Training, Employment Services, and Community Inclusion Supports for individuals with various disabilities.  Click below to see if you are ready to be a part of our team!        


Good-2-Go Oregon, East

300 SE Reed Market Road  #255

Bend, OR  97702

Phone: (541) 306-3691

Fax: (541) 797-6932

The CoVid-19 experience is a new one for all of us, and we are navigating these waters together.  While trying to stay in front of the messaging and being proactive about our mitigation strategies, the situation continues to unfold in real time.

It is our intent to continue providing services, and keep our team working for the foreseeable future.  


We are all excited to reengage and move forward from our isolation!  We feel a strong sense of responsibility to move forward cautiously, ensuring the health and safety of our members, out staff, and our community.  Our plan follows the Governor's 3-Phase process, and county-by county reopening.  

Good-2-Go Oregon Reopening Plan


Limited Services Available



Good-2-Go provides services in five major support areas: Life Skills Training, Attendant Care, Community Inclusion, Employment Supports, and Respite/Relief Care.  Click below to learn more!

Good-2-Go Oregon, West

706 Main Street

Oregon City, OR  97045

(503) 919-0110 

All Good-2-Go Oregon Services are CLOSED for the following holidays in 2020:

5/25/2020 - Memorial Day

7/3/2020 - Independence Day

​9/7/2020 - Labor Day

11/26/2020 & 11/27/2020 - Thanksgiving Holiday

12/24/2020 & 12/25/2020 - Christmas Holiday

​1/1/2021 - New Year's Day

​Good-2-Go Oregon, East  (Central Oregon Region)

 & Good-2-Go Oregon, West (Portland Metro Area)​​

our philosophies


Good-2-Go stands on a solid foundation of psychological principles.  This is combined with our humanist philosophy of personal empowerment and respect to bring about growth & independence.

AGENCY UPDATE (May 10, 2020)
Agency Update: Good-2-Go is still experiencing significant reductions in services (ILS down 75%, Employment Services down 60%, ACE events are cancelled through May).

Good-2-Go took aggressive pro-active steps through workforce reductions to match the rapidly declining services. 

Good-2-Go East & West both received requested, and much needed PPP funding in the 2nd round.  We are currently in the process of bringing back our team members in all programs.  This will be a gradual process, and will ramp-up as members return home and service needs increase.

The ACE Program will continue to remain closed under ODDS directives until further notice.  These services will resume at the permission and direction of ODDS. 

Good-2-Go Oregon has a draft plan for our reopening strategy.  Please review and provide us your feedback.  

Thank you for choosing Good-2-Go. 

G2G EAST (CENTRAL OREGON) : Program Updates