• Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to independently feed oneself
  • Must be able to take medications independently when on G2G events
  • Must not present a credible threat of harm to self or others.
  • Participants must also receive 1:1 supports through Good-2-Go Oregon.  This is a Member's Only Program.

 This is the actual cost to participate in the community activity.  This cost may   include such things as tickets, entrance fees, food/beverage, tips, etc.  The  participant must cover these costs themselves, as they are not covered by  state funding agencies such as Brokerages and CDDPs.  

​ Please note the following policies on Participation Fees:
 Good-2-Go Oregon does not collect participation fees.  They are paid directly  to the vendor/venue of the event.

 On RARE occasions, Good-2-Go will purchase tickets in advance when  necessary.  In these cases, enrollment must include price of advanced ticket  sales.  Advanced Purchased Tickets are Non Refundable!

 Good-2-Go participants must be able to carry their own money.  Staff are not  permitted, under any circumstances, to carry member's money.

 Staff may assist in making purchases, counting change, and collecting            receipts. 

 Good-2-Go staff cannot pay for participation fees, food/beverage, tips.  

 Members without proper funding will have to leave the event or make  contact with parent/guardian to secure needed funds.  Events & event  departures will not be delayed to accommodate individuals who are not  prepared .​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Good-2-Go believes that it is very important to be an active part of the community.  This means having access to resources and opportunities that may be new to you, or that you may not otherwise have access to.  For some, it may be attending a play for the first time in their lives, going to a lake that they cannot access because their disability doesn't allow them to drive, or it may be as basic as going to the bank or running errands that are too difficult to do by bus.  

In addition to our 1:1 supports in the area of community inclusion, Good-2-Go also hosts the Applied Community Experience Program!   The SGI is typically 2 - 5 individuals who get together for a community outing. 

At Good-2-Go, we believe that being connected to others and our community is a fundamental part of our happiness and independence.

Having a great time at the

GOOD-2-GO Halloween Party 2016