About ACE

With local hospitals at capacity, highest infection numbers in Central Oregon since the start of the pandemic, and cases among our unvaccinated AND vaccinated community members, we feel that we must take the most conservative approach to address the safety of our members and staff.

Good-2-Go Oregon will temporarily shutter the ACE/DSA program effective October 1st, 2021.

The Good-2-Go Oregon Board of Directors does not feel that the benefits of group-community outings are worth risking the health of our members, staff, and community.  The September events will be pared back, and enrollments limited.

Good-2-Go Oregon will maintain all OR542 (W2) contracts of members who are also receiving other services.  The agency will not accept any ACE Only contracts from September 1 - January 1, 2022.  (We will not have the dedicated administrative support to maintain contracts and licensing requirements of those not actually being served during this time.) Individuals who would still like to access the community for skills building or socialization, should explore 1:1 DSA services with the Case Manager through our Community Living Services.

The Board of Directors intends to review the situation at the beginning of the year, including local incident rates, hospitalizations, and state-mandated COVID protocols.

Jump into Adventure!

ACE allows members to participate in social, community driven activities, often disguised as fun.  These activities teach new skills, encourage social interaction, teach social norms, and allow our clients to engage with the community, all while having a great time doing so.  


Most clients are eligible for ACE but you must have a contract approved by ODDS to participate in most events.  Contact your case manager if you are interested in this Program.


Most events are small group activities (3-8 clients) which are fun, affordable, and repeatable.  The most common activities include cooking clubs, hikes, and bowling.  Feel free to check out our Facebook page to see pictures of our most recent events.  

Most activities take place during the afternoons - early evenings on weekdays.  Large/special events may happen on weekends.  Events happen multiple times per week year-round.  Due to the nature of the weather, outdoor events are common during the summer.


Most activities take place within the city with a handful of activities taking place in the surrounding areas.  Transportation may be arranged from community hubs to activities.  


Good-2-Go believes that all people have a right to community inclusion, even those who need a little more help achieving it.  By participating in social community events, clients are able to develop important social skills such as understanding boundaries, understanding rules and social norms of different environments, and developing non-professional relationships.  We strive to teach these skills in ways that can be used in their own independent lives, enabling them to engage more with their community with relying on their Life Skills Coach.

Under ODDS Rules, Good-2-Go Oregon will operate the ACE Program with additional restrictions for staff and participants.  In general, these include additional safety rules during transit and activities, group size limits, and social distancing rules.  

Due to the constantly changing nature of this pandemic, the most up to date information can be found on our COVId Update Page.

Notice of Temporary Closure