The work we do at Good-2-Go Oregon changes lives, not just the lives of the people we support, but our team members as well.  Our jobs can be both challenging and rewarding as we help individuals become independent through employment, life-skills, and community experiences.  

We are proud to support all employees through continuous education, flexible scheduling, and supportive feedback.  All new employees are provided with pre-employment training on base knowledge, working strategies, and professional standards.  

If you are ready to have your life changed by the people you meet and the experiences that you can have, then maybe you are Good-2-Go!​​​​​

Employment Program:

Employment Specialist I

ACE Program:

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What sets G2G apart:

Competitive Compensation:

  • Competitive pay based on, education, previous experience, and position.
    • ​See job post for starting rates
  • Mileage Reimbursement
    • Current reimbursement rate is $0.40 per mile when transporting clients
  • Paid Sick Leave and Paid Time Off
    • Accrues immediately from time of hire
  • Health Benefits (Full time only)
    • Includes vision and dental options
  • Paid Holidays (Full time only)
  • Bonuses (Employment Program Only)

Flexible Scheduling:

  • Flexible Schedule, but consistent scheduling
    • ​We are proud to work with students, those with second jobs, and retirees
  • ​Work Life Balance
    • Most programs only offer service Monday - Friday (Employment may require weekends)
    • No graveyard or early morning shifts
  • Options for Full Time, Part Time, and Flex shifts
    • Full Time - 30 hours a week
    • Part Time - 20 hours per week
    • Flex - Average of 10 hours per week
  • Seasonal Positions Available (ACE Program Only)

Continuous and Professional Growth:

  • Extensive training program
    • 30 + hours of paid training before you even enter the field
    • Peer mentorship program once you are in field
    • Continuing growth and learning opportunities
  • Continuous Support to build professional skills
    • Regular opportunity for growth in leadership positions
    • Continuous Education and training sessions
    • 3 programs to learn and grow in ​

Admin Team:

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​​​​​ILS Program:

Life Skills Coach 

Employment  Opportunities  at  Good-2-Go  Oregon

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