To learn more about your eligibility for services and a 3rd party payment option, please contact your local County Developmental Disabilities Services Program (CDDP).  

Good-2-Go also accepts private-pay contracts.  For more information on our rates and contract requirements, please contact our local office:

Good-2-Go East:  (541) 306-3691

Deschutes, Crook, & Jefferson Counties

Good-2-Go West: (503) 919-0110

Clakamas, Washington, & Multnomah Counties


Who pays for services?

Most individuals who have been formally diagnosed with a developmental and/or intellectual disability will qualify for support services through a 3rd party payee.  These include County Programs (Descutes, Multnomah, Clakamas) and their contracted affiliates (eg. Lutheran Services, Best Care, etc) and Brokerage Services such as Full Access, Mentor Oregon, and the Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.  

In order to qualify for a 3rd party payee, the individual seeking services must first apply for, and receive social security benefits.  Each of these referring agencies is funded through the federal Medicaid Waiver Program, with the trigger for eligibility being receipt of social security benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

Who we serve

Good-2-Go Oregon is licensed under the Oregon Department of Human Services to provide supports to adults with developmental & intellectual disabilities.  The agency is funded through 3rd-party payee's such as Brokerage Services, County Programs, and the Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.  

In order to participate in our programs & services the following basic criteria must be met:

  • Individuals must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Individuals must be able to provide self-care in the following areas​: bathing, eating, toileting and medications.
  • Individuals may not present behavioral issues that are a significant risk of harm to themselves or to others.
  • Individuals must accept personal responsibility for their success.
  • Individuals must agree to abide by the terms and conditions put forth in our TERMS OF SERVICE.

Good-2-Go Mission Statement

Good-2-Go Oregon is dedicated to the personal growth and independence of the individual.  Our mission is to provide the supports necessary to promote an independent, healthy, and happy lifestyle for individuals with disabilities.  In this pursuit, G2G will deliver customized supports; provided in the most natural, least restrictive, integrated environment possible.​