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Tracy Young, Managing Director

Kristen Siebert, Director of Employment Services

Annie Charlton, Director Independent Living Services

Denise Miller, ILS Scheduling Coordinator

Jennifer Suchy, Manager, Human Resources

Michael Burton, HR Assistant / Recruiter

Bobbie Heigh, Accounting

Jean Bury, Administrative Manager

Good-2-Go Oregon, East Corp Offices

300 SE Reed Market Road, Suite 255 

Bend, OR   97701

Phone: (541) 306-3691

Fax:     (541) 797-6932

The lessons learned and insights gained through the CoVid experience are many and countless.  We have made every effort to manage and mitigate this on-going crisis in real time.  It is easy to think about getting back to "pre crisis" norms, stability, and resources.  However, it has become evident that recovery, whatever that means, will take a long time.  As such, we believe it important to stop looking back, to stop referencing "precovid" norms, and look only forward.  

Good-2-Go Oregon's strength has always been our ability to recognize needs, risks, and changes in our industry and adapt quickly and accordingly.  In order to regain our agency's momentum, we must embrace our start-up mentality - be flexible in our problem solving, be creative in our services, and be ready to turn on a dime.

Forward only thinking means that because we did something a certain way before, does not mean that we can/will do it the same way now.  Our needs and resources are different, and require new solutions.  It also means that we are developing a new budget, new goals, and new infrastructure adjustments.  

We don't want to set ourselves up for inherent relative deprivation by constantly trying to "get back" to precovid status.  This could be a long and frustrating process if elements are out of our control; inhibiting us from "getting back."  More importantly, this team does amazing work, and we don't want your everyday success to be lost or overlooked because we are focused on the past, not the present and future.

We are in the midst of change, and are prepared for what is needed to continue our excellent services to our members.  
Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate our organization through this unusual experience.