Frank is more than a Good-2-Go Member, he is our official A.C.E marketing person. Frank is always present at our activities and provides leadership during A.C.E. activity planning meetings. Often during our activities, Frank can be seen providing mentorship to new members to the program.    

Frank McKinley in the Spotlight

W E  A R E  G O O D - 2 - G O  .   .  .  A R E  Y O U ?

G O O D - 2 - G O  O R E G O N,  W E S T

 Frank has lived an interesting life. He say's his parents were "pioneers" and when he was younger he helped raise pigs and cows. Frank worked in a factory building mobile homes and has also worked in a Mill and as a landscaper. 

Frank is a true Renaissance man!  he also enjoys art, fishing, photography and has a zest for adventure. We are so proud to be a part of Frank’s life as he continues to stand as an example of independence, personal growth, and leadership. Frank is truly a person worth knowing!      

Good-2-Go Oregon ​has been serving customers since 2008, providing Independent Living, Employment, and Community Integration services for more than 150 members throughout Central Oregon.

In August of 2015 G2G expanded into the Portland Metro area, serving all of Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties. The Portland agency is called, Good-2-Go Oregon West.  Our agency follows all of the same policies, procedures, and training as the original Bend area program.  

To help simplify communication about and between the agencies, they will be referred to as Good-2-Go East and Good-2-Go West.  Both organizations are known under the common brand-name:

Good-2-Go Oregon