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Good-2-Go Oregon provides all necessary transportation throughout the community during supports.  Individuals who are receiving employment services will be expected to develop independent options for transportation to/from the work site (G2G staff will assist in this process!).

Funding restrictions will not allow G2G staff to provide transportation to/from doctor's appointments.  However, staff can and will assist our customers with navigating all bus and train routes to and from medical appointments. G2G Staff will also accompany customers to their medical appointments and support them during medical office visits. 


​​At Good-2-Go, we believe that being connected to others and our community is a fundamental part of our happiness and independence. To this end, Good-2-Go regularly creates new and innovative activities for 3 or more clients to attend as a group  to facilitate participation in our local communities. These events are created to discover and develop an individual’s interests and talents. Support at ACE events also include learning social boundaries, improving self control, initiating conversations, avoiding isolation etc.

Good-2-Go also hosts Small Group Inclusion (SGI) opportunities.  The SGI is typically 2 - 5 individuals who get together for a small community outing.  SGI events may be local, such as bowling, arts event, or a festival, or it may allow individuals to access resources such as our local state parks.



The road to independence

Our Independent Living Program prepares individuals for independent community living.  These services are available to individuals who still live at home with parents or care givers, or to those who have already made the leap to independence.  Supports focus on such skills as money management, budgeting, bill pay, menu planning, grocery shopping, meal-prep, transit training, laundry, personal care, and so much more!  

In addition to providing basic skills training, Good-2-Go can assist with planning and implementation of your transition to independence.  We provide opportunities to meet potential roommates, can assist in finding housing, can help you apply for HUD certificate, and of course provide help with the financial planning to bring it all together.  This program is for those who want to take that next step toward independence.  We work on your timeline and there is never any pressure or push to make a change until you are ready!



Attendant Care Supports (also known as Assistance with Daily Living or ADL's) provides individuals additional supports necessary to ensure their long-term success in their independence.  These services allow our staff to provide more hands-on support and have less emphasis on "teaching a skill."  These services are similar to those described in the Independent Living program, such as menu planning, grocery shopping or meal-prep, but in this program the services are more likely to be completed by G2G staff, rather than the customer themselves.  

Additional supports available in this program include monitoring of self-administration of medications, assistance with doctor & medical appointments, light housekeeping.  To learn more about these services and how they might help you maintain your independence, please contact the Good-2-Go Offices. 



Employment plays a very important role in the successful independence of all adults.  Good-2-Go is contracted with the department of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide vocational assessment, job prep, career exploration, job development and job coaching (first 90-days).  For those who quality, long-term job coaching can be funded by our local Brokerage's.  We are happy to work with those individuals who are motivated to find work and use it as a key component to their success and independence.  If you want to work, and have a positive attitude, and are willing to work with us in finding a job, give us a call and lets get you moving toward a winning opportunity!